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-53 - Water Supply
374A - Water Heaters, Immersion
374B - Water Heaters, Instantaneous
374L - Water Heaters, Electric
374E - Water Heaters, Shower
-56 - Space Heating
408D - Room Heaters/Electric, Radiators, Oil Filled
408E - Room Heaters/Electric, Radiant
408H - Room Heaters/Electric, Industrial
414A - Room Heaters/Warm Air, Electric
420C - Electric Boilers
408G - Room Heaters/Electric, Domestic
408F - Room Heaters/Electric, Halogen
408C - Room Heaters/Electric, Storage
408B - Room Heaters/Electric, Convectors
408A - Room Heaters/Electric, Fan
-57 - Air Conditioning
430A - Fans, Wall
430B - Fans, Window
4361 - Air Curtains
430C - Fans, Ceiling
430D - Fans, Roof
Services, Mainly Electrical
(61)(62) - Electrical Supply and Accessories
460B - Distribution Boards
460C - Switches
464A - Cable Trunking
464C - Conduit Boxes
464D - Busbars
464E - Cable Trunking, Weatherproof
4661 - Wiring Cables
468C - Electrical, Ceiling Roses
468E - Electrical, Dimmer Controls
468H - Electrical, Shaver Sockets
468I - Electrical, Sockets
468J - Electrical, Switches
468G - Electrical, Plugs
468F - Electrical, Meters
468B - Electrical, Cooker Points
460A - Circuit Breakers
464B - Conduit
468A - Electrical, Adaptors
468L - Electrical, Time Switches
-63 - Light Fittings
472A - Lighting, Fluorescent
472B - Lighting, Incandescent
472F - Lighting, Panels
472G - Lighting, Reflectors
472H - Lighting, Down-Lighters
472J - Lighting, Track Mounted
474C - Dustproof Light Fittings
474D - Non-Corrosive Light Fittings
474E - Waterproof Light Fittings
474I - Theatre/Stage Light Fittings
474J - Security Light Fittings
474L - Sports Light Fittings


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