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Structure, Carcass
-21 - External Walls
030A - Damp Proof Courses
030F - Polyethylene Damp Proof Courses
030G - Polythene Damp Proof Courses
032C - Cavity Wall Insulation, Mineral Wool
032D - Cavity Wall Insulation, Polystyrene Boards
030D - Lead Damp Proof Courses
030B - Cavity Tray
-22 - Partitions, Internal Walls
040D - Demountable Partitions, Plasterboard
-27 - Roofs Including Beams
082A - Roof Space Insulation Quilts
Completion of Structure
-31.9 - Lintels, Weatherstrips, Cavity Closers
166A - Lintels
166C - Concrete Lintels
166E - Steel Lintels
-35 - Suspended Ceilings
216E - Plastic Ceiling Coatings
-37 - Rooflights, Roof Windows
220A - Rooflights, Access
222A - Roof Windows
222D - Roof Windows, Skylights
220T - Rooflights, PVC
Finishes to Structure
-41 - Wall Finishes, External
228B - Cladding, External, Panels
230B - Weatherboards, Shiplap
234A - Wall Coatings, External, Renderings
232H - Cladding Tiles, Brick
228M - Cladding, External, Fibre Cement
228C - Cladding, External, Profiled Sheets
228A - Cladding, External, Sheets
(43)P - Floor Finishes, Jointless
256A - Floor Finishes, Portland Cement
(43)S - Floor Finishes, Rigid Tile
268G - Tiles, Floor, Ceramic
270B - Tiles, Floor, Clay
270A - Slabs, Floor, Concrete
(43)Y - Floor Finishes, Accessories
294A - Adhesives, Floor
294C - Adhesives, Grouts
294D - Adhesives, Floor, Ceramic
2901 - Concrete Repairers, Floor
-47.1 - Roof Finishes, Membranes, Screeds, Underlays
320K - Roof Underlays/Insulation, Expanded Polystyrene
318B - Roof Screeds, Bitumen
-47.2 - Roof Tiles
324D - Roof Tiles, Clay
324C - Roof Tiles, Fibre Cement
324A - Roof Tiles, Slate
324B - Roof Tiles, Concrete
-47.3 - Roof Finishes, Cladding
328R - Roof Cladding, Plasterboard
328B - Roof Cladding, Sheets
328A - Roof Cladding, Lining Boards
328C - Roof Cladding, Profiled Sheets
328K - Roof Cladding, Fibre Cement
-47.4 - Roof Finishes, Trims and Accessories
332M - Roof Trims and Accessories, Fibre Cement
-52.5 - Drainage, Rainwater and Sewage
366C - Channels, Gullies, Gratings, Gratings
366H - Channels, Gullies, Gratings, Stainless Steel
368A - Soil and Waste Systems, Stack & Vent
368K - Soil and Waste Systems, Pitch Fibre
368L - Soil and Waste Systems, PVC
368O - Soil and Waste Systems, Polythene
370Q - Rainwater Goods, PVC-U/PVC
370M - Rainwater Goods, Plastic
370A - Rainwater Systems, Complete Systems
368G - Soil and Waste Systems, Concrete
366E - Channels, Gullies, Gratings, Concrete
368M - Soil and Waste Systems, CPVC
368H - Soil and Waste Systems, Clayware
364B - Inspection Chambers
364A - Manhole Covers
358B - Septic Tanks
358G - Sewage Treatment, GRP
363A - Grease Interceptors
366D - Channels, Gullies, Gratings, Frames
-59 - Flues, Chimneys, Tanks
446D - Flue Accessories, Chimney Pots
446I - Flue Linings, Ceramic
446A - Flue Linings, Blocks
446B - Flue Linings, Pipes
446J - Flue Linings, Clay
446K - Flue Linings, Concrete
External Elements
-90.3 - External Fittings, Fences and Gates
662A - Screen Walling, Solid Block
662B - Screen Walling, Decorative Block
External Elements
-90.4 - External Works, Pavings, Etc
672A - Pavings, Flags, Slabs
672D - Pavings, Flags, Grass Concrete
674A - Kerbs
674B - Edgings
672M - Pavings, Flags, Clay
672K - Pavings, Flags, Concrete
672B - Pavings, Flags, Setts
672G - Pavings, Flags, Interlocking
672E - Pavings, Flags, Brick
E - Concrete and Admixtures
700A - Portland Cement
700B - Rapid Hardening Cement
700C - White Portland Cement
700D - Coloured Cement
700E - Sulphate Resisting Cement
700I - Acid Resisting Cement
702A - Cement Admixtures, Accelerating
702L - Cement Admixtures, Waterproofers
708C - Concrete Reinforcement, Bars
7101 - Reconstructed Stone
708B - Concrete Reinforcement, Steel Wire
708A - Concrete Reinforcement, Steel Mesh
700G - High Alumina Cement
F - Bricks and Blocks
718C - Blocks, Concrete, Lightweight
718D - Blocks, Concrete, Cellular
718F - Blocks, Concrete, Solid
718G - Blocks, Concrete, Fairfaced
722A - Bricks, Concrete, Stone, Hand Moulded
722F - Bricks, Concrete, Stone, Engineering
726D - Bricks, Clay, Hand Moulded
726E - Bricks, Clay, Machine Moulded
726F - Bricks, Clay, Pressed
726I - Bricks, Clay, Sand Faced
728A - Bricks, Calcium Silicate, Common
728B - Bricks, Calcium Silicate, Facing
734D - Concrete Reinforcement, Rods
728C - Bricks, Calcium Silicate, Engineering
726J - Bricks, Clay, Special Shapes
726H - Bricks, Clay, Glazed
726G - Bricks, Clay, Wirecut
726C - Bricks, Clay, Engineering
726A - Bricks, Clay, Common
722D - Bricks, Concrete, Stone, Common
722C - Bricks, Concrete, Stone, Pressed
722B - Bricks, Concrete, Stone, Machine Moulded
718B - Blocks, Concrete, Dense
718A - Blocks, Concrete, Aerated
718H - Blocks, Concrete, Ribfaced
726B - Bricks, Clay, Facing
726K - Bricks, Clay, Reclaimed
I - Pipes and Jointings
746A - Pipes, Tubes, Concrete
746C - Pipes, Tubes, Porous Concrete
746F - Pipes, Tubes, Fibre Cement
746G - Pipes, Tubes, Vitrified Clay
746H - Pipes, Tubes, Cast Iron
746O - Pipes, Tubes, Pitch Fibre
746Q - Pipes, Tubes, PVC-U
746E - Pipes, Tubes, Spun Concrete
746D - Pipes, Tubes, Reinforced Concrete
746B - Pipes, Tubes, Prestressed Concrete
N - Overlap Sheets
774A - Overlap Sheets, Corrugated
774H - Overlap Sheets, Fibre Cement
774J - Overlap Sheets, PVC
P - Plasters, Plasterwork and Cast Stone
778A - Gypsum Plaster
R - Rigid Sheets and Boards
788D - Sheets, Rigid, Plasterboard
794A - Boards, Plywood
Yp/Yq - Aggregates, Mortars
858I - Mortars, Waterproof Admixtures
858H - Mortars, Plasticizers
858G - Mortars, For Tiling
858B - Mortars, Heavy
858A - Mortars, Lightweight
856A - Aggregates, Lightweight
858C - Mortars, Chemical Resistant
856B - Aggregates, Heavy
856C - Aggregates, Normal
858D - Mortars, Coloured
858E - Mortars, High Alumina
858F - Mortars, High Temperature Resistant
Yt - Adhesives, Sealants
866G - Sealants, Window
866A - Sealants, Bathroom
866B - Expansion Joints, Sealers & Fillers


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