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Structure, Carcass
-21 - External Walls
026H - Curtain Walling, Timber
-22 - Partitions, Internal Walls
040D - Demountable Partitions, Plasterboard
040F - Demountable Partitions, Timber
-23 - Structural Floors, Decking and Beams
054A - Timber Floor Decking
062B - Acoustic Floor Insulation
056K - Timber Floor Beams
062A - Thermal Floor Insulation
-24 - Staircases
068B - Curved Stairs
068C - Spiral Stairs
068I - Timber Stairs
701 - Loft Ladders
068A - Straight Stairs
-27 - Roofs Including Beams
082A - Roof Space Insulation Quilts
082C - Roof Space Insulation Boards
082H - Roof Space Insulation, Vermiculite
831 - Insulation, Flat Roof
080L - Cement Bonded Wood Particle Roof Decking
082D - Roof Space Insulation, Loose Granules
080O - Roof Decking, Prefelted Particle Board
080N - Roof Decking, Metalfaced Chipboard
080J - Woodwool Slab Roof Decking
078P - Timber Roof Beams, Timber Roof Trusses
-28 - Building Frames, Structural Fire Protection
088D - Timber Building Frames
-29 - Insulation Products
094A - Insulation Products, Quilts
094K - Insulation Products, Fibreboard
094P - Insulation Products, Polystyrene
094H - Insulation Products, Felt
094B - Insulation Products, Slabs
Completion of Structure
-31 - Shop Fronts and Entrances
098E - Timber Shop Fronts
100D - Sliding Entrance Doors
100J - Timber Entrance Doors
-31.4 - Windows
112C - Sliding Windows
112N - Timber Windows
114E - Window Ventilators
120C - Windows, Louvres
118D - Timber Window Shutters
114C - Window, Internal Sills
114I - Window Boards
112B - Pivot Windows
112A - Casement Windows
-31.49 - Door and Window Ironmongery
124A - Door Furniture, Aluminium
124D - Door Furniture, Iron
124J - Door Furniture, China
1261 - Door Hinges
128A - Cylinder Door Locks
134A - Emergency Exit Hardware, Bolts/Panic
134B - Emergency Exit Hardware, Security Bars
1361 - Door Gear, Sliding/Folding
138E - Window Tilt & Turn Fittings
138F - Window Hinges
138G - Window Furniture, Locks
138H - Window Furniture, Aluminium
138I - Window Furniture, Brass
138J - Window Furniture, Bronze
138C - Window Furniture, Handles
132D - Overhead Door Closers
128I - Padlocks
128C - Mortice Door Locks
124H - Door Furniture, Plastic
124B - Door Furniture, Brass
138L - Window Furniture, Alloy
132A - Spring Hinge Door Closers
128B - Deadlock Door Locks
138K - Window Furniture, Iron
138B - Window Furniture, Casement Fasteners/Stays
138A - Window Furniture, Catches
132B - Floor Spring Door Closers
124F - Door Furniture, Steel
(31.5)2 - Doors
152A - Doors, Side Hung, Internal
152C - Doorsets
152E - Doors, Side Hung, Flush
152F - Doors, Side Hung, Glazed
152G - Doors, Side Hung, Louvred
152H - Door Blanks
152N - Doors, Side Hung, Veneered
Completion of Structure
(31.5)2 - Doors
152O - Doors, Side Hung, Laminate Faced
154A - Doors, Special, Acoustic
156A - Doors, Sliding/Folding, Internal
156B - Doors, Sliding/Folding, External
156K - Timber Patio Doors
162A - Architraves, Internal
162G - Architraves, Timber
162B - Architraves, External
152I - Doors, Side Hung, Hardwood
152B - Doors, Side Hung, External
156G - Doors, Sliding/Folding, Louvred
156F - Doors, Sliding/Folding, Patio
152J - Doors, Side Hung, Softwood
152M - Doors, Side Hung, Panelled
152D - Doors, Side Hung, Fire
-31.9 - Lintels, Weatherstrips, Cavity Closers
170G - Sills, Timber
-34 - Balustrades and Handrails
198E - Timber Handrails
200D - Guard Rails, Timber
-37 - Rooflights, Roof Windows
220A - Rooflights, Access
220B - Rooflights, Opening
222A - Roof Windows
Finishes to Structure
-41 - Wall Finishes, External
228O - Cladding, External, Timber
230G - Weatherboards, Timber
-42 - Wall Finishes, Internal
244B - Wall Finishes, Internal, Wood, Sheets
244D - Wall Finishes, Internal, Wood, Veneered
244A - Wall Finishes, Internal, Wood, Panels
(43)T/X - Floor Finishes, Flexible/Carpet/Wood
284A - Flooring, Wood, Strip
284E - Flooring, Wood, Hardwood
284F - Flooring, Wood, Softwood
284B - Flooring, Wood, Block
274F - Floor Finishes, Anti-Slip, Sheet & Tile
(43)Y - Floor Finishes, Accessories
288A - Floor, Seals
288B - Floor, Paints
296B - Floor Fixings, Metal Edge Trims
306A - Skirtings
-44 - Stair Finishes
310A - Stair Treads
310C - Stair Treads, Nosings
Services, Mainly Electrical
-68.5 - Fire Protection
522B - Fire Detectors, Smoke
External Elements
-90.3 - External Fittings, Fences and Gates
658O - Fences/Gates, Timber
658H - Fences/Gates, Trellis
658C - Fences/Gates, Close Boarded
658G - Fences/Gates, Post & Panel
658K - Fences/Gates, Fittings
H - Sections and Tapes
740A - Softwood Timber Sections
740C - Stressed Timber Sections
740B - Hardwood Timber Sections
740D - Moulded Timber Sections
R - Rigid Sheets and Boards
792B - Boards, Mdf
792C - Boards, Flaxboard
793A - Boards, Chipboard
794C - Boards, Laminboard
792A - Boards, Hardboard
792G - Boards, Insulating
794A - Boards, Plywood
794B - Boards, Blockboard
V - Paints, Stains
812A - Paints
8161 - Stains And Glazes
826B - Wood Treatment
827B - Paint Strippers, Varnish
812B - Primers
8201 - Varnishes
826A - Wood Preservatives
8271 - Paint Strippers
Xi - Purpose Made Joinery
8341 - Purpose Made Joinery
Xt - Fixings and Fastenings
844O - Fixings and Fastenings, Nails
844P - Fixings and Fastenings, Screws


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