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Completion of Structure
-31.49 - Door and Window Ironmongery
124A - Door Furniture, Aluminium
124C - Door Furniture, Bronze
124D - Door Furniture, Iron
124I - Door Furniture, Timber
124J - Door Furniture, China
124K - Door Furniture, Glass
1261 - Door Hinges
128A - Cylinder Door Locks
128G - Master Key Door Locks
128H - Electronic Door Locks
134A - Emergency Exit Hardware, Bolts/Panic
134B - Emergency Exit Hardware, Security Bars
1361 - Door Gear, Sliding/Folding
138E - Window Tilt & Turn Fittings
138F - Window Hinges
138G - Window Furniture, Locks
138H - Window Furniture, Aluminium
138I - Window Furniture, Brass
144A - Window Bars
142A - Window Ventilators, Condensation
138J - Window Furniture, Bronze
138C - Window Furniture, Handles
132D - Overhead Door Closers
128I - Padlocks
128C - Mortice Door Locks
124H - Door Furniture, Plastic
124B - Door Furniture, Brass
138L - Window Furniture, Alloy
138D - Window Sash Fittings
132A - Spring Hinge Door Closers
128B - Deadlock Door Locks
124E - Door Furniture, Alloy
140A - Window Control Gear
138K - Window Furniture, Iron
138B - Window Furniture, Casement Fasteners/Stays
138A - Window Furniture, Catches
132C - Concealed Door Closers
132B - Floor Spring Door Closers
128E - Espagnolette Door Locks
128D - Lever Door Locks
124G - Door Furniture, Stainless Steel
124F - Door Furniture, Steel
-34 - Balustrades and Handrails
198B - Steel Handrails
202A - Barrier, Ropes
202H - Barrier, Chrome
202F - Barrier, Brass
198K - Bronze Handrails
198J - Brass Handrails
198D - Aluminium Handrails
198A - Iron Handrails
-57 - Air Conditioning
-57 - Air Conditioning
434B - Ventilators
434C - Ventilators, Grilles
434J - Ventilators, Domestic
434I - Ventilators, Door/Window
434D - Ventilators, Louvres
Services, Mainly Electrical
-68 - Security
514G - Building Access Control, Hotel Room
514D - Building Access Control, Key Security Cabinets
514C - Building Access Control, Card Key Systems
516E - Door Viewers
-71 - Circulation Fittings, Sign Etc.
552L - Signs, Safety Warning
552D - Nameplates
552A - Signs
552C - Signs, Direction
552E - Signs, Exit, Emergency
556D - Entrance Mats, Matwell Frames
558A - Mail Boxes
558G - Hat/Coat Racks
-76 - Storage Fittings
628D - Fixed Shelving
626B - Cloakroom Coat Hooks
628M - Shelving Brackets
628B - Domestic Shelving
628J - Glass Shelving
-76.7 - Blinds and Curtain Tracks
640C - Shower Curtain Tracks
640A - Curtain Tracks
6411 - Fly Screens
640B - Curtain Fittings
J/K - Mesh/Lathing
758K - Brass Mesh
758C - Welded Mesh
758D - Expanded Mesh
758E - Perforated Mesh
758F - Aluminium Mesh
Xh - Architectural Metalwork
830C - Architechural Metalwork, Cast Iron
830D - Architechural Metalwork, Wrought Iron
Xt - Fixings and Fastenings
844U - Fixings and Fastenings, Steel
844K - Fixings and Fastenings, Masonry Fittings
844C - Fixings and Fastenings, Bolts
844O - Fixings and Fastenings, Nails
844N - Fixings and Fastenings, Timber Connectors
844J - Fixings and Fastenings, Hook/Eye Bolts
844D - Fixings and Fastenings, Brackets/Straps
844A - Fixings and Fastenings, Anchors/Anchor Bolts
844H - Fixings and Fastenings, Cramps
844P - Fixings and Fastenings, Screws


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