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Completion of Structure
-31 - Shop Fronts and Entrances
104A - Grilles, Shop Fronts, Roller
104B - Grilles, Shop Fronts, Shutter
104C - Grilles, Shop Fronts, Sliding
104D - Grilles, Shop Fronts, Folding
-31.4 - Windows
118A - Aluminium Window Shutters
118C - Steel Window Shutters
118B - Plastic Window Shutters
-31.49 - Door and Window Ironmongery
128A - Cylinder Door Locks
128F - Card Key Door Locks
128G - Master Key Door Locks
128H - Electronic Door Locks
138G - Window Furniture, Locks
128I - Padlocks
128C - Mortice Door Locks
128B - Deadlock Door Locks
128D - Lever Door Locks
(31.5)1 - Industrial Doors
148A - Grille Industrial Doors
148D - Sliding/Folding Industrial Doors
148F - Sectional Overhead Industrial Doors
148G - Roller Industrial Doors
148J - Fire Industrial Doors
148K - Strip Curtain Industrial Doors
148O - Power Operated Industrial Doors
148P - Cold Storage Industrial Doors
148R - Aluminium Industrial Doors
148Y - Hygienic Industrial Doors
148S - Plastic Industrial Doors
148N - Horizontal Industrial Doors
148H - Up & Over Industrial Doors
148C - Sliding Industrial Doors
148B - Shutter Industrial Doors
148U - Steel Industrial Doors
(31.5)2 - Doors
152A - Doors, Side Hung, Internal
152E - Doors, Side Hung, Flush
152T - Doors, Side Hung, Metal
152V - Doors, Side Hung, Steel
154A - Doors, Special, Acoustic
154B - Doors, Special, Blast Resistant
154C - Doors, Special, Bullet Resistant
154U - Doors, Special, Fire
152B - Doors, Side Hung, External
154E - Doors, Special, Security
152W - Doors, Side Hung, Stainless Steel
154F - Doors, Special, Thermally Insulated
152D - Doors, Side Hung, Fire
-32 - Room Dividers, Bar Grilles and Shutters
Completion of Structure
-32 - Room Dividers, Bar Grilles and Shutters
182C - Roller Shutters & Grilles, Sliding
182D - Roller Shutters & Grilles, Folding
182E - Roller Shutters & Grilles, Roller
182J - Roller Shutters & Grilles, PVC-U
182K - Roller Shutters & Grilles, Plastics
182L - Roller Shutters & Grilles, Nylon
182F - Roller Shutters & Grilles, Steel
182I - Roller Shutters & Grilles, Wood
182H - Roller Shutters & Grilles, Aluminium
182G - Roller Shutters & Grilles, Stainless Steel
182B - Roller Shutters & Grilles, Shutters
182A - Roller Shutters & Grilles, Grilles
Services, Mainly Electrical
-64 - Communications
484C - Television Equipment, CCTV
482B - Telephones, Entry
-68 - Security
516D - Closed Circuit TV
514G - Building Access Control, Hotel Room
514D - Building Access Control, Key Security Cabinets
514B - Building Access Control, Entrance Videos
514A - Building Access Control, Entrance Phones
514C - Building Access Control, Card Key Systems
516F - Surveillance Mirrors
-71 - Circulation Fittings, Sign Etc.
552M - Signs, Vandal Proof
552L - Signs, Safety Warning
552C - Signs, Direction
552E - Signs, Exit, Emergency
552K - Signs, Reflective
-73 - Catering and Kitchen
582I - Grilles, Catering
-76 - Storage Fittings
632B - Safes, Strongrooms
632C - Safes, Deposit Boxes
632A - Safes
-76.7 - Blinds and Curtain Tracks
6421 - Shutters, Internal
-77 - Special Activity Fittings
644M - Gymnasium Furniture/Equipment
644D - Hospital Furniture/Equipment
644H - Prison Equipment
644K - Hotel Furniture/Equipment
External Elements
-90.3 - External Fittings, Fences and Gates
661A - Barriers, Anti Vandal
661C - Barriers, Vehicle
661E - Barriers, Parking Posts
660C - Vehicle Access Control, Road Blockers


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