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Going green? Take the Terraxx path

Published Date:

06 Jul 2009


With the growing popularity of 'green roofs' in modern construction, Delta Membrane Systems offers Delta-Terraxx as a solution to the challenge of effective drainage and protection.

Capable of meeting a variety of horizontal drainage applications, Delta-Terraxx comprises a dimpled sheet with a fused-on geotextile to form a highly effective drainage layer. Facing up, the geotextile acts as a filter protecting the air gap created by the dimpled sheet underneath. Under a covering of soil, gravel or chippings, the heat-bonded permanent filtration geotextile keeps the dimple structure from being clogged-up by sludge. This ensures that any excess water is drained away completely and freely. This efficient drainage has the added benefit of ensuring the area remains free of frost damage in colder months. The integrated self-sealing edge makes the dimpled sheet easy to lay and helps prevent root penetration. Thanks to the smooth backing, any loads are distributed evenly across the waterproofing surface - allowing workers to walk on any compression-resistant waterproofing layers during the construction phase. Sheets are simply rolled onto the top of the waterproofing - a laying rate of 1m2/min can be expected. One roll gives 30m2 of high performance drainage in a single pass. Delta-Terraxx is capable of withstanding compression loads of up to 400kN/m2 - making it equally suitable for roof top walkways, even car parks.


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