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The lighter way forward with Mapei

Published Date:

17 Jul 2009


Mapei have introduced a new member to their popular lightweight adhesives family with the launch of Ultralite S1.

The range of cementitious adhesives includes Ultraflex S2 Mono, Ultraflex S2 Quick and new Ultralite S1. All benefit from Ultralite Technology and are suitable for the installation of ceramic tiles and stone material. The high performance adhesives, as their names suggest, are S1 / S2 flexible and have very high yield. Ultralite S1 has a maximum yield of 60% greater than conventional adhesives and its thixotropic nature means no vertical slip even when fixing large wall tiles. All 3 one-component adhesives, suitable for walls and floors, are easy to apply, with no vertical slip. Ultraflex S2 Mono and Ultralite S1 boast extended open times while Ultraflex S2 Quick is rapid setting. S2 Mono and S2 Quick are also suitable for use on green screeds. All bear the Mapei Green Innovation Logo adhering to Mapei's eco conscious values. They are composed of between 20-30% recycled materials. Ultralite S1 benefits from Dust Free Technology, which considerably reduces the amount of dust created when mixing the product. This makes for a more comfortable experience for the installer and surrounding environment. Mapei is the world's largest manufacturer of adhesives, sealants and chemical products for building. With over 70 years experience, Mapei is a specialist in the production of quality products for the installation of all types of wall and floor coverings, and has a vast range of admixtures and repair products for concrete and building materials. For further information on Mapei products call 0121 508 6970 or visit


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