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'A Peeling' Guide from Remmers

Published Date:

09 Jan 2009


Since acquiring FTB Restoration in Belgium, Remmers have launched a new cleaning guide for the refurbishment of stone and brick structures.

Entitled ";Arte-Mundit - Peelable Natural Latex for Cleaning", the guide examines the use of a ";paint on - peel off" poultice containing special detergents which remove even heavy dirt build-up from brick, tile, stone, marble and concrete surfaces. Its use to remove fire and soot damage from surfaces is also well known. Arte-Mundit takes 12 hours to dry and react. Once peeled off, the cured film is inert and can be recycled into rubber crumb filler. Notable uses include St Pauls Cathedral and Bath Abbey where it has removed hundreds of years of grime without requiring any water to be used. For more information, call Remmers or download the brochure at


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