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Frontier Pitts Crash Tests the Terra Road Closer

Published Date:

14 Mar 2007


Frontier Pitts successfully crash tests the new Terra Road Closer, stopping 7500kg travelling at 80km/hour.

Frontier Pitts successfully crash tests the new Terra Road Closer, stopping 7500kg travelling at 80km/hour.

The Terra Road Closer, a horizontally opened, reinforced hinged beam, was crash tested in accordance with British standard PAS 68-69 2007 standards and Department of State test standard SD-STD-2.01 Revision A, Certification Class K12. The test was conducted to prove the arresting capability of the Terra Road Closer when impacted with a 7500kg test vehicle at a speed of 80km/hour (50mph).

Following the highly successful crash tests involving the other certified equipment in the Anti Terra range, Frontier Pitts was confident that the Terra Road Closer would also pass the toughest test and achieve the most difficult standard.

This impressive test result has not only proved the stopping power of this equipment, but also the reliability and fortitude of design.

The Terra Road Closer is available to secure apertures of up to 4500mm. The manually operated hinged beam can be automated using either our Trojan surface mounted or Trojan underground actuators. In the closed position the beam can be securely locked using a powered locking bolt and a high security Gate Shield locking device. The hinged pin which allows the beam to swing open can be manufactured in lengths of 75-100mm.

For added security a solid skirt can be mounted to the beam, creating a hinged gate. A latch back post comes as standard with the Terra Road Closer to allow the beam to be locked whilst in the opened position. Positioned back from the gate, the beam can be locked to the post again using a high security Gate Shield locking device or a Class 2 padlock.

Key features of the Terra Road Closer include automation with a range of operating speeds possible), secure locking, and a choice of solid infills to fulfill the level of security required on each unique site. The Terra Road Closer requires minimal foundation depths of only 350mm, which can be deeper to reduce the surface area, suiting individual requirements.

Frontier Pitts have developed the Terra Road Closer and the Anti Terra series to meet the requirements of our customers at Airports, Embassies, Palaces, Government Institutes and Military bases around the World. The Anti Terra range includes the Terra Blocker, Terra Bollards (crash tested as a single unit and dual unit systems), the Terra Beam, and the Terra Gate, which has been impacted in both the fully closed and half open positions, without the need for repair. After all the crash tests the equipment was fully functional.

The Terra Road Closer and Terra Hinged Gate, like all Frontier Pitts products are all designed, built and CE marked in the UK to the most stringent international standards.

Frontier-Pitts, based in Crawley, Sussex, is the acknowledged leader manufacturer of gates, barriers and road blockers. Its complete range of products and services is the result of decades of experience. It has offices in Hong Kong, France and China, with over 25 per cent of production exported, and customers in more than 85 countries. Full project management capability includes design, manufacture, civil and electrical services, site surveys, installation, spare parts, refurbishment and fully comprehensive customer services. Constant product R & D is allied to continuing quality improvements in manufacturing and dedicated customer service. Frontier-Pitts has the full ISO 9001 accreditation.


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