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Terra Lock Gate; A Bi-Parting Hinged Gate

Published Date:

28 Sep 2007


Frontier Pitts new Terra lock gate has been successfully crash tested to the BSI standard PAS 68 2007, the Terra lock gate stopped 7,500kg travelling at 80km/hour.

The new high security bi parting hinged gate, was successfully tested by TRL Crash Laboratories.

The Terra Lock Gate remained FULLY FUNCTIONAL after the crash test.

The test was conducted to prove the arresting capability of the Terra Lock Gate when impacted with a 7500kg test vehicle at a speed of 80km/hour (50mph). In accordance with BSI PAS:68 2007 specification, which exceeds the Department of State K12 test standard, the test vehicle was fitted with test sensors, to meet the demanding standard specifications.

The new Terra Lock Gate is part of the Anti-Terra Series. Other products in the range include the Terra Blocker, the Terra Bollards, Terra Gate, Terra Road Closer (swing arm) and the Terra Barrier (rising arm) which have all been successfully crash tested by TRL.

On impact the Terra Lock Gate brought the vehicle to a complete halt, with zero penetration onto site or past the gate leaves. The cab of the truck was totally crushed. A key feature of the design ensured that all forward energy was absorbed at the front of the equipment and into the shallow foundations on impact.

Immediately after the crash, the Terra Lock Gate’s leaves continued to opened and closed as normal immediately following impact. No other company in the World can offer a product which can surpass the standards for BSI PAS 68 2007, and continue to operate immediately after the impact, especially without needing repair. This is a major breakthrough in high security, anti-terrorist barricades, which was witnessed by CPNI (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure), formerly NSAC (National Security Advice Centre) plus NICC; the UK Governments Advisory Body for Security.

Frontier Pitts have developed the Terra Lock Gate to meet the requirements of our customers at Airports, Embassies, Palaces, Government Institutions and Military Bases around the World. Key features of the Frontier Pitts crash-rated Terra Lock Gate include shallow foundation requirements of only 300mm, allowing installation of the gate even on sites where underground services exist. The Terra Lock Gate is also easily automated using powerful actuators from Frontier Pitts extensive range.


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