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Get back to nature with Tarkett’s iQ Natural

Published Date:

15 Mar 2010


Tarkett’s latest product innovation takes sustainability to the next level.

Developed in response to the growing demand for building techniques and materials that are environmentally-friendly and sustainable, iQ Natural is the first homogeneous vinyl flooring to be made with 75% natural and renewable raw materials. This is achieved by the use of a revolutionary new plasticizer based on renewable resources, including natural mineral fillers, ricinus plant and salt.

iQ Natural is an ideal choice for sectors such as healthcare and education where the flooring solutions must meet stringent requirements and be able to withstand heavy traffic. The surface is easy to clean and maintain, needing less water, detergents and energy for cleaning and never needing wax or polish. Thanks to the Unique Surface Restoration, simple dry buffing restores the surface’s original appearance and properties. With VOC emissions 40 times lower than required by European standards, it contributes to very good indoor air quality, helping to create healthier, people-friendly buildings. And after a long and productive life, iQ Natural is completely recyclable.

The palette of 24 colours is inspired by nature and designed to offer contrasts and combinations that will bring a breath of fresh air to any interior. iQ Natural is available in 2mm thickness on 2m width rolls and in 61x61cm tile format, and comes complete with natural welding rods made of the same new plasticizer. Combining new standards for sustainability with all the properties of the iQ range, iQ Natural reveals the new nature of vinyl flooring.

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