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Published Date:

13 Apr 2010


According to Delta Membrane Systems, it is a misconception that – by definition – basements are dark and dingy areas that cannot be improved.

Tanking, damp-proofing and drainage products available in the Delta range can be used to turn a basement into a warm, inviting living area that can be used for a variety of functions.

Included in the extensive range is the MS-500 which is a cavity drainage membrane for use on walls and floors as a waterproofing system.

Made from high density polyethylene, the sheet is made up of a 0.6mm membrane with studs measuring some 8mm deep. Available in a clear option, it gives a compressive strength of greater than 250kN/m2, and is able to drain some 135 litres/min. of water per m run.

Also available is the new MS-20, a brown dimpled drainage sheeting with particularly high drainage capacity and substantial compressive strength.

This new option brings to the market a compressive strength that has been improved by over 30% compared with the previous design - boasting figures of around 200kN/m2. This has been achieved by changing the profile of the studs from a circular conical design to an octagon in cross-section, and the smooth walls are now ribbed.

Specifically designed for flooring applications, Delta-FM protects against dampness and contamination.

Traditional damp proof membranes trap moisture and hold up work while the relative humidity of the concrete takes time to drop. Delta-FM allows work to continue immediately after placement thanks to a special low stud profile.

One of the applications that benefits from Delta-FM is in the installation of underfloor heating, which is becoming an increasingly popular option for the householder.

To rid the basement area of any water that should collect from the cavity drainage membrane system, Delta Sump+Pumps are available.

Capable of collecting groundwater from a cavity drainage membrane system, Delta Sump+Pumps are built for durability and reliability.

These systems are offered with a range of accessories including high level alarms, battery back-up and non-return valves.

Delta Membrane Systems prides itself in being a ‘one stop shop’ for a product collection that allows the dark, damp, uninviting basement area to be converted into a fresh, dry, useful living space.


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