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Addenbrooke’s Hospital Cambridge

Published Date:

20 Oct 2010


Any nurse knows that you can’t just stick a plaster on a serious wound and expect all to be well; some cleaning up and repair work at the very least will be required! The situation is similar with buildings; you cannot repair a building structure simply by giving it a new coat of paint!

The nurses’ accommodation at Grantchester House, a high rise ‘70s block of flats situated in the grounds of Addenbrooke’s hospital in Cambridge, needed restoring to good health. The windows needed replacing and new facades installing. Ronabond HB40 concrete repair mortaer was used for the initial concrete repair and the finished facades were then paint coated with Ronacrete’s Ronabond Zolpacryl to complete the ‘operation’.

Ronabond HB40 is a prepacked high build, high strength concrete repair mortar for repairing concrete and protecting reinforcing steel. It is used to repair concrete on vertical surfaces such as facades and is suited to the repair of overhead concrete where ease of application is as important as high strength. It can be applied in thick-section layers up to 75mm on walls and soffits.

Ronabond Zolpacryl is a smooth creamy protective and decorative water based anti-carbonation coating for use on vertical surfaces, soffits and at DPC level. It is particularly suited for application on surfaces behind which water may be trapped and must be allowed to pass through. It can be applied to external walls and facades and protects against water, frost, weathering and carbon dioxide (which can cause corrosion of steel and spalling of concrete).

Ronabond Zolpacryl is flexible and non-elastomeric, capable of bridging static and hairline cracks and is available in more than 300 colours. Life expectancy is in excess of five years.

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