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Gardeners’ Answer Time

Published Date:

04 Aug 2011


Essential planning information for flat green roof systems for gardens, terraces, walkways and parking areas is given in the latest brochure from Delta Membrane Systems.

This 32 page publication covers a wide range of subjects, including how users need to observe a variety of regulations applying to the various construction systems available.

The actual configuration of a waterproofing system depends on the materials used, as well as on waterproofing standards, codes of practice for roofs with waterproofing, European product certifications, building authority certifications, and manufacturer’s working instructions.

Other topics include the type of herbaceous cover that is actually chosen, and the configuration of the waterproofing and the materials used.

With green roofs becoming an increasingly popular part of modern architectural design, Delta offers its Delta-TERRAXX, Delta-FLORAXX Top and Delta-FLORAXX products to ensure a high quality, professional installation.

Recently added to the Delta range, Delta-FLORAXX features a breathable perforation and dimples that allow water and air to circulate freely on the underside. This means no coherent film of water can form on the insulation.

With Delta-FLORAXX TOP there is the additional benefit of a filtration layer, eliminating the need for a separate laying operation.

Featuring a dimpled sheet with a fused-on geotextile to form a highly effective drainage layer, Delta-TERRAXX is capable of withstanding extreme compression loads – up to 400kN/m2 – and can be installed at depths of up to 10m.

Facing up, the geotextile acts as a filter protecting the air gap created by the dimpled sheet underneath.

This new brochure will prove to be an invaluable aid to all those involved in the design of ‘green’ roofs, thanks to the essential planning information, the design tips, and the in-depth product details on the Delta range.


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