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Ronacrete and Bendcrete bond with Ronafix

Published Date:

23 Feb 2012


Skatepark designer and contractor Bendcrete have used Ronafix to strengthen and aid the bonding properties of a unique mix of recycled expanded polystyrene (EPS) and cement based mortar. This formula is then spray-applied to the pre-shaped modules used to create the necessary ramps required by the riders of skateboards, scooters and BMX bikes!

Bendcrete have been using sprayed concrete in skateboard parks since 1996 and on climbing walls since 1972. They looked at using EPS in the mix to save weight, accelerate installation time and to be more environmentally friendly. However, introducing EPS into the mix affected the physical properties. After consultation with Ronacrete, Bendcrete researchers added Ronafix to the recycled mix to aid with bonding and overall strength. Some time was spent researching the material, so that it could be produced in larger volumes and effective at 1.2 and 2.5cm depth and after some perseverance a workable and effective material was arrived at.

“We have used the reconstituted material in three skate parks and achieved significant gains in production-time on site, as ready finished pre-shaped modules can be installed and sprayed with concrete within a day eliminating on site work that normally would take three days to achieve. The weight is working out at between 300-400kg/m3 which helps counter differential settlement and other stresses in the concrete. Ronafix provided the extra strength and bonding required for effective use in the skateparks.”
Gordon Bendall, Managing Director, Bendcrete

About Ronafix
Ronafix is the worldwide number one product specified for major and minor projects throughout the world. Its reliability, performance, consistency and support has made it a firm favourite with builders, specifiers, contractors and distributors. Ronafix is stronger than concrete, fast drying, high strength, waterproof, reduces shrinkage drastically and has excellent adhesion. It is the only SBR additive with four BBA certificates.

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